We exist to be a healing voice within the climate of fear and misinformation about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons. We seek to create a welcoming climate in our churches where all persons may participate fully. We embrace the tension between the reality of diversity and being one body in Christ.

We encourage and support all who want to be reconciled through Christ. Our network supports, encourages, and equips lay people and pastors in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference to be instruments of justice within the denomination by inviting all persons to be full participants in the life of the church, both in policy and practice.

In supporting our kinĀ in Christ, we provide educational and worship resources and strategies that enable and empower all individuals and church organizations for Christian ministry in their efforts to be inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons.

We advocate as Christians in the public arena for full citizenship rights for the entire LGBTQIAP community.

We are hoping to provide on these pages materials for Methodists of conscience to read widely about sexual orientation, form study groups, and dialogue with other United Methodists… especially those who may differ from us. Most of all, we invite all who seek a worship community to recognize you are not only welcome, but embraced in our community!