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Clergy Trials Continue

Rev. Cynthia Meyer (Great Plains Conference) who came out as a queer clergy in a committed relationship was charged with violating the Book of Discipline prior to General Conference. Her Bishop, Scott Jones, put her trial on hold pending the outcome of GC. Well, as we know, GC didn’t do anything but punt the football.

Therefore, the charges against Rev. Meyer are proceeding. Bishop Jones released a statement today here. It essentially says that while the Bishop’s plan calls for compassion, he will doggedly pursue Rev. Meyer giving not one jot or tittle.

#ItsTime to stand with Rev. Meyer! While we cannot be there, we can donate to the Biblical Obedience Fund at Reconciling Ministries Network that will aid in providing support, travel, and expenses. You can donate here:

Additionally, let us cover Rev. Meyer, her team, and the judicial process with prayers of compassion, mercy, and understanding of a new creation.

We can also continue to sign the letter calling the Bishops to stop prosecutions. That can be found here.

#ItsTime to stand with Rev. Meyer.

Additional Resources:
Rev. Meyer coming out sermon

Complaint filed against Kansas pastor who came out during sermon

Bishop’s Plan approved by General Conference

Bishop Jones’ just resolution proposal prior to General Conference

Rev. Meyer’s response to Bishop Jones



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